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Our loft insulation service provides a cost-effective means to reduce your energy bills. It can also help our environment by reducing the impact of carbon emissions from homes and businesses.


Many companies advertise free surveys and insulation. However, a closer look at their small print reveals a disclaimer that your existing loft insulation may affect your entitlement to free insulation. Similarly, utility providers state that there are no upfront costs, but you will have to pay for an assessment, the cost of which is usually at least £100. After paying for a survey, you may in fact find that you do not qualify.


We pride ourselves on total transparency regarding these issues and the price you pay. Our survey is always FREE and our standard installation costs are clearly set out. If there are any additional costs or measures required such as: extra large properties, loft ventilation or hot water tank jackets, these will be made clear and discussed once the survey has been completed.

At this time of soaring gas and electricity prices, many people are experiencing real struggles and hardship. As a result, we have decided to freeze our prices during the difficult winter months. A well-insulated loft is not just about reducing your costs, it is also about improving the quality of people’s lives. It means waking up to a warmer home, working in a better environment, and having a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

By adopting these values, our aim is to make a real difference in these difficult times ahead. 

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