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Your Questions Answered


I already have some loft insulation — Do I need to install more?

If your loft insulation is 100mm (4") or less you would certainly benefit by having it topped up with another layer of 200mm. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that top-up loft insulation can save the average householder as much as £60 per year at current energy prices.


My loft has been fitted with floorboards — Will this cause a problem?

Not necessarily. We can lay top-up insulation directly over the floorboards, or, if you prefer, we can lay the insulation once you have arranged to take up the floorboards yourself.


There is a lot of pipe work in my loft space. Will your price include insulating the pipe work too?

If there is less than 10 linear metres of pipe work in your loft space that needs to be insulated, this will be included in the cost of the insulation. If there is more, we do have to charge a ‘per metre’ rate for the insulation. We will make this clear to you during the survey.


How much will the insulation cost?

This will depend on the size of your property and if there is any insulation already in place.


What type of insulation material is used?

Loft insulation is a mineral wool made out of glass or rock fibres.


How about the water tanks?

Our prices for loft insulation include fitting jackets to your existing cold water tanks where needed. However, we may have to charge for hot water jackets; we will make this clear to you during the survey.


My ceiling joists are only 100m (4") deep. How will additional layers of insulation fit in between them?

Insulation is firstly laid between the joists to a depth of 100mm, a further layer of 170mm insulation is then laid across the hoists to achieve the required depth. Obviously this will mean that the joists are not visible; extra care will have to be taken when entering the loft space.


Do I need to provide ventilation to my loft space?

That depends on whether it is adequately ventilated at the moment. Increasing the amount of insulation in the loft can lead to condensation of water vapour on timber members. If your loft is not properly ventilated we will advise you, and we can install simple vents that will ensure an adequate air flow through the loft. There is an additional charge for this service.


Do I need to clear my loft?

If possible, yes. However, if you are not able to clear your loft, we will clear it for you at an additional charge.

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